The Dances of the Adderbury Morris Men

Many years in the planning the spring of 2005 saw us head in the diretion of Mark Lee's admirable Blue Moon Studio to record the current repertoire of Adderbury tunes. The project had been kick started with a generous grant from the Adderbury Parish Council and was intended to be a record of current tunes as well as a reasonably 'entertaining' product that could be listerned to! To that end it was decided not to record all the tunes full length but to combine most of them into medlies of three or four numbers, thanks to Chris Leslie for his suggestions in this direction. In all six dances were recorded with the team dancing and a number of others had sticking and of course singing incorporated, not to mention the occasional manic laugh and rasping cough. Those tunes played in medlies are significantly faster than we would normally perform them for dancing.

The play list looks like this:

1. Sweet Jenny Jones*

2. Stourton Wake / Princess Royal / The Bell

3. Postman's Knock *

4. Beaux of London City / Roast Beef / Haste to the Wedding

5. Washing Day*

6. Cockoos Nest / Blue Eyed Stranger / Shepherds Away

7. Old Woman / Landlord / Jockey to the Fair

8. Cobbs Horse*

9. Black Joke / Constant Billy / Lads a Bunchem

10. Betty Windsor / Anniversary Jig / Le Halle Place

11. Happy Man*

12 Young Collins / Bethlehem / Lollipop Man / The Seventeenth of May

13. Buffoon / Brighton camp / Bluebells of Scotland

14. Shepherd's Away* (Reprise)

* Recorded as full length dances

The Musicians were: Chris Leslie - violin, David Moore - pipe and tabor, Sheena Powell - violin, Stephen Wass - melodeon, Verna Wass - violin.

Cupies of the CD may be ordered from Colin Street for just £10 (postage and packing extra) and all profits go to the Teenage Cancer Trust

The CD is dedicated to the memory of Edward Priest

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