27th. Day of Dance 2002

Back to Adderbury Morris

And lined up we have....

Back row: Mike Cherry, Sam Leslie, Rob Widdup, Chris Hone, Mat Le Mare, Pete North, Martin Taylor. David Gunby, Steve Priest, Colin Street, Stephen Wass, Tim Radford, Keith Norton, John Leslie, Nigel Bennett, Ian Harris, Verna Wass, Dave Moore, Jenny Davies , Sheena Powell, Mary Wass

Middle row (sort of): Phil Le Mare, Edward Priest, Tim Laughton, Simon Pipe

Front row: Will Gill, Trevor Stevens, Jon Eastmond, Caitlin Moore, Michael Radford, Robert May

Well here we go again, after weeks of glorious sunshine the weather broke just a few days before our annual outing and the forecast for Saturday April 27th. was not an encouraging one. Nethertheless, bouyed up with hopelessly naive optimism, it is an English thing as far as the weather is concerned, we all turned up at the traditional start time of 10.30 outside the Old Wheatsheaf... and the sun shone on us! In fact although it was a bit blowy and none too warm the sun kept on shining on and off until around 6.30 when a gently chilling drizzle started which eventually forced us all into the Institute for supper. As it happened that probably contributed to the success of the evening as fine weather tends to disperse people round the village as they linger over drinks in the sunshine, when it is cold and wet everyone wants to huddle together which makes for a great atmosphere. We were especially pleased that virtually all the sides we had invited were able to turn out which also contributed to the party feeling, so many thanks to: Berkshire Bedlam, Bloxham, Ducklington, Kirtlington, Old Speckled Hen and Owlswick.

We were not sure what to expect from the day as Dave Pegg had been plugging it like mad during Fairport's winter tour and Grandson of Morris On was hot off the presses with three Adderbury numbers on it. Would we, and the village, be swamped by hoards of fans willing to do anything for a lock of Chris Hone's hair? Well as it happened.... no, just as well really for the lads are a modest bunch who shun fame even when thrust upon them. In fact apart from an excellent crowd at the Bell, I would say numbers were a little down on last year.

Highlights inluded:

one of the senior musicians forgetting the B of Sweet Jenny Jones in the first dance of the day, surgery may be available;.

the return, yet again, of former Squire Tim Radford from beyond the Atlantic, it's like one of those monster movies, you think they've gone then......

Chris Leslie dancing Jockey to the Fair at Niagra Falls, we have to take this one on trust until we see the photograph......

..... alright, alright, we believe it!

the advent of young musicians, Mary Wass, who played for the first dance at 10.30 a.m. and danced in the last one at 10.30 p.m., Imogen Leslie and Jenny Davies, who both also danced for Bloxham and Caitlin Moore with her little drum;

the Bedlam's impromptu game of cricket on the playing field;

and the two hours of non-stop morris in the Institute thanks to our visiting teams.

The only complaint? Someone came up to me and said that there was nothing on the web site about the day of dancing. I said that that was because nothing had happened yet! What do you think this is? A public service?

And now for some more photographs thanks to Stelios Vassileou, a local photographer who took these candid portraits of some of Adderbury's brightest stars. You can see other examples of his work at www.clickandbuild.com/cnb/shop/wombatproducts.

... Harris


.... and Horse!

Thanks to Cliff May for letting me select a few images from his collection........

Everyone on their toes at the Red Lion

A massive Shepherds Away outside the Coach and Horses

Bluebells at the Bell

This year's quiz... Shepherds Away, but where?

The infamous Bedlam's Coconut Dance, in the Institute, by the way, as you may notice, I've repainted the walls for the occasion.

And definitely the last word, or rather image, for the day, thanks Jon.