2002, What a year it was for Adderbury music: Happy Man and a couple of other tunes thrown in as the second track of Fairport's new CD details from www.fairportconvention. com, and then three Adderbury tunes on Mr. Hutching's new 'Morris On' project plus a serious little piece from Ashley introducing the album with some thoughts on the recording session described below, see www.talkingelephant.com and having had such a wonderful time at Blue Moon Studios just two years later we recorded our own album!

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Back in September of 2001, and under conditions of extreme secrecy... well I didn't tell my mum, Adderbury played for, sang on and danced to a couple of tracks for the latest in the Morris On family spawned by Ashley Hutchings. Under the impression that we were in at the birth of "Grandson of Morris On" we turned up at Blue Moon Studios, Bodicote to record two pieces which we felt summed up what Adderbury was all about.

Mr. Leslie conducts... some additional singing to add to the voices already on Sweet Jenny Jones

Firstly from the 'manuscript' part of the tradition, our traditional starting dance, Sweet Jenny Jones, featuring many of Adderbury's hall marks; variety in the stepping - this one is a heel and toe dance, singing and natty stick work, and all of it done in just one take! What a wonder, surrounded by batteries of microphones, the introduction, walk round, dance and final foot up all captured in one superb performance. Alright I know it sounds big headed but there you are. Chris Leslie played fiddle and Stephen Wass was on melodeon. A little later on a few extra voices were added to the singing so everyone who had managed to come along had their moment in front of the microphones.

Walk round for Le Halle Place

Our second effort brought the tradition right up to date with a number that was added to the repertoire on the day of dance 2000: Le Halle Place. The tune was composed by Chris pretty well 'on the spot' as Tim Radford flung the challenge at him to come up with something to perform on the lawn at Le Halle Place, the only location where we can be sure Adderbury was danced before the revival as there are photogrphs of William Walton demonstrating the dances with a party of young ladies. This one took a little longer to sort out.

So then it was all over. the clever so and sos added lots of other stuff later on.... sorry Rik and co. but you know what I mean. We all adjourned to the Bell for a raucous evening singing hits from the shows, sometimes you just have to get away from folk music.

Intense discussions under way reviewing the one and only take of Sweet Jenny Jones