The Video Log

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So here is a new departure, how will it work? Who knows, but here is the plan. Now that we have access to the a digital video camera we have the capability to put on line not just still images and music clips, now we can show the whole glorious spectacle as nature intended. The problem remains that at present that any decent video clip will take some down loading, personally I think it is worth the trouble to set the thing going and go off and have tea but then I would say that wouldn't I?

A further complication is that you will need QuicktimeTM to view these clips, if you haven't got it it can be downloaded here.

Reports on line so far are:

Bampton Day of Dance, Monday June 3rd 2002

Which contains footage of

Matt Green's team at the Elephant....... Adderbury kicking off with Sweet Jenny Jones...... Bampton outside the Morris Clown..... with Adderbury dancing Princess Royal at the same location...... and finally Bampton dancing to Speed the Plough with all assembled musicians..

Also there is some footage of Cobb's Horse at Bampton on the Hobby Horse Festival site

Adderbury Golden Jubilee Celebrations, Monday June 3rd. 2002

Which contains footage of

Betty Windsor, introduction......Betty Windsor, the crown....... and new waistcoats

Kirtlington Lamb Ale, Sunday May 26th. 2002. ( 5.4 MB )

Which contains footage of:

..........a damp Lollipop Man............ Isis, dancing in the rain.............Hysteria for Adderbury .......and a rare view of Headington!