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Boxing Day in Adderbury 1999.............. Click here for 2000, and here for 2001

The calling on song.. for the first time ever in Adderbury.

Betty reveals all as the team attempt to change places (with whom?)

The team attempt a quick get away.


Boxing Day in Adderbury 2000

(How they've come on in a year!)

The Line up... Simon Pipe, Colin Street, Stephen Wass, Keith Norton, Nigel Bennett, Pete Bareham, John Leslie

and out of view our musicians: Bryan Martin (struggling with an instantly detuned fiddle) and Elizabeth Gray.

Single Guard

The team engage in a celebratory group hug at the end of another great performance.


Boxing Day in Adderbury 2001

The team dance in rag shirts this year.........

but are as tight as ever.

Tommy and Betty keep the flame of passion alive....

Who are these new faces? Who owns the Christmas tree?

Banbury Folk and Good Music Day October 2001

Next to the Town Hall

By the canal